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Two's Company Faux Wicker Weave Elephant

How beautiful is this wicker weave sculpted white elephant? Can be used as a statuette or a cachepot. intrinsic details of faux wicker all around the entire elephant making is such a unique piece to have in or outside of your home. An elephants trunk that is facing up symbolizes luck, prosperity and kindness.
  • Made Of Resin To Resemble Wicker
  • Amazing Workmanship Of 3D Resin Wicker Weave Details All Around The Elephant.
  • Can Be Used As A Decorative Piece Alone Or Any Flower Or Greenery
  • Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • White Paint Glossy Finish
  • Material:
    15 1/4" W x 6 1/2" D x 9" H

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