Welcome to Betty Kelly’s Gift Shop

We are a fourth generation bridal registry and gift shop. Currently owned by Frances Morketter, Betty Kelly’s Gift Shop originated in the home of her grandmother, Nettie Huffines. Mrs. Huffines sold Sheffield silver and other beautiful bridal gifts for local brides in the Fayetteville community. Her home-based business was where locals went for their wedding and anniversary gifts, or any other special items that they needed. The brides came to learn there was always something special in Mrs. Huffines’ silver striped boxes.

In 1978, Mrs. Huffines’ daughter, Betty Kelly, moved the business into a small space on Arsenal Avenue and called it The Gift Shop. Then in 1982, The Gift Shop moved to 1110 Hay Street, where it remained for 37 years until February 2016. Finally, we moved to our current location at 1228 Fort Bragg Road.

Betty Kelly grew the business by adding many china lines and always worked hard to keep up with the current bridal trends. She also built a wonderful stationery selection that includes on-site printing, as well as a large selection of bridal invitation albums.

When Betty was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, her daughter, Frances Morketter began helping and eventually took over the business. Betty passed away in 2004 and Frances officially changed the name of the shop to Betty Kelly’s Gift Shop.

Today, we continue to work hard to keep up with the ever-changing bridal market and hope our website will make your shopping experience a pleasant one!